Get Scanned in Echuca Moama | Fitness Key

    Follow these simple steps to ensure you're getting the most accurate scan each time

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    Fasting - Do not eat/drink large volumes in the 1-2 hours preceding your appointment
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    Exercise - Do not exercise in the 1-2 hours preceding your appointment
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    Clothing - Wear minimal comfortable clothing (such as basic gym-gear)

    Avoid wearing clothes with lots of zippers or other metal.

    Contraindication/Precautions re scanning with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysers

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    Pacemaker or similar Electronic Implanted Device?

    The InBody 770 uses multiple frequencies of extremely low (undetectable) currents of electricity. The scan is non-invasive and harmless, however individuals with a pacemaker or similar medical implantable device should not be scanned. If you have one of these devices, please
    contact us to discuss.
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    Although safe, we generally do not not recommend scanning pregnant women, as the scan's accuracy may be progressively effected (due to changes in the body's chemistry and water content), throughout the pregnancy. Please discuss this with us prior to making your appointment(s), if you are pregnant. Written medical clearance/advice will be required if you wish to monitor your health during a pregnancy.

    10-15 min Interpretation Consultation

    2-Page Printed Report

    Comprehensive Interpretation Guide and Post-Appointment Support!

    Your results securely stored on our InBody Cloud Server, and uploaded to your profile on the InBody App (available via the App Store on your mobile device)


    Great option for monthly/frequent monitoring

    Commit to monitoring your scheduled goals!


    ** Referral Discount - Referred customer must be a new customer purchasing an Initial Scan and Consultation. Referred customer’s scan must be purchased at the time of the referring customers scan.

    *** Prepaid Multi-Packs for use by a single customer - may not be shared.

    *** 3-Pack credits expire in 12 months.

    *** 12-pack credits never expire.

    If for any reason, a refund is sought for a portion of a multi-pack, a pro-rata refund will be calculated with the standard price considered for previously used credits.

Steve the Scan-Man, can scan in his Scan-Van!

… just about anywhere convenient - your home, workplace, or anywhere there's fairly flat ground and a welcoming cup of coffee!

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- Coming to wherever the Scan-Van is currently parked, will ensure you're able to have your scan at the requested (booked) time… we may need to adjust the agreed time if you require us to travel to you.
- Thanks for your understanding!

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